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A healthier 2021 – 5 health benefits of better water

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This past year has been difficult for all of us. We’ve learned to appreciate what matters in life – home, family, friends, and health. 2020 has reminded us once again not to take our well-being for granted and to continuously work on improving our health to be able to cope with whatever challenges life brings us. 

If you’ve been wondering about a good place to start, then you should consider your water source – 70% of our bodies consist of H20, meaning that without clean quality water, we cannot maintain a healthy body. 

We all know that water is essential for our day to day lives, but how many of us know the real effects of a clean and healthy water supply?

Here we have a deep dive into 5 health benefits of clean water and how it can help you stay healthy in 2021.

  • Better nutrient absorption

Healthy living and self-care have both become high-earning industries. Detox teas, super-foods and supplements have all found their way onto our kitchen counters. 

However, you may still be missing out on seeing any major improvement in your overall well-being because you are missing one key factor. 

Without quality drinking water, our bodies can’t absorb the necessary nutrients. An impressive 90 % of our bodies consist of water, meaning that with good hydration, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle much quicker if you improve the quality of your water.

  • Increased energy

If you’re dealing with sluggishness and fatigue, maybe your water is to blame. Even if you believe your water to be safe for consumption, there is always the risk of contamination. This contamination will not only affect your drinking habits but also your food preparation and cleaning. 

It’s important to treat your water source to ensure a healthy supply of water, this can be done by using one of the many tools provided by Limescale Prevention Company which rid water supplies of all major contaminants. 

A quality water supply will help with your energy levels as you will have no problems to fight.

  • A reduction in cancer risks

Several studies have confirmed that contaminants found in tap water have a high impact on increasing cancer risks. 22 carcinogens found in tap water have been responsible for over 100,000 cases of cancer in the USA alone. 

Investing in better water through filtration systems can diminish your risk of getting cancer – contaminants found in tap water included arsenic, radioactive materials, like uranium and radium, as well as disinfectant byproducts. You don’t want any of those in your body, which is why it’s necessary to find a better solution for your source of hydration. 

Thankfully, Ireland has a great water supply record, but our water supply systems are aging so there is always the risk of incidents occurring.

  • Better Skin

Clean water not only affects you internally, but it is also great for your hair and skin. While drinking clean water nourishes your body and allows for a strong digestive system, clean water is also essential for maintaining your hair and skin. Chemicals and contaminants in water can dry out your hair and skin and make it itchy.

Having access to a clean water supply will make you look and feel as fresh and radiant as the water you are drinking.

  • Better Brain Function

Your brain function is very dependent on how much water you are consuming. Mild dehydration (fluid loss of 1–3%) can impair energy levels, impair mood, and lead to major reductions in memory and brain performance.

Making sure the water you drink is the best it can possibly be will help you operate to the very best of your ability.

Now that you know just some of the health benefits of clean water, you might be wondering about the solution.

Limescale Prevention Company provide expertly crafted devices to help treat your water supply. They can be installed to pre-existing water networks allowing for fast and effective treatment of your water supply. We aim to take the hassle and worry out of your water treatment and health worries.

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