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7 Harmful Bacteria Found in Drinking Water

There are millions of invisible creatures living and thriving in the water your drink. It is called bacteria.

While some bacteria are considered useful and harmless, there are many forms of bad bacteria that cause disease and illness to humans. This is still the case here in Ireland.

Household water systems can significantly degrade over time, older pipes can house bacteria, and your water might have dangerous pathogens.  Although Irish Water aims to treat most common bacterias by adding more chemicals to the water supply, this is not always successful. Often we hear of contaminated water with boil notices and do not consume notices.

At Limescale Prevention Company, we aim to educate and solve this problem for homeowners across Ireland. We advise the use of filters and UV sterilizers to ensure healthy consumption of drinking water.  

Bacteria are typically single-celled organisms and are a natural component of water. However, here are seven types of bacteria to be concerned about as you fill up your next glass of water:

1) Escherichia Coli

Escherichia Coli (also known as E. Coli) can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhoea if consumed in contaminated water. Symptoms usually appear within one to eight days.

2) Campylobacter Jejuni

Drinking water contaminated with Campylobacter Jejuni can cause infections with symptoms of cramping, diarrhoea, fever, and pain. Symptoms of infection appear between two and ten days after exposure.

3) Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a serious infection and can be present in your drinking water. Symptoms include dark urine, jaundice, stomach pain, fever, and fatigue. Hepatitis A has a lengthy incubation period and symptoms might not appear until 28 days after exposure.

4) Giardia Lamblia

Giardia Lamblia is actually a parasite which causes the infection, giardiasis. Symptoms include nausea, cramps, gas, and diarrhoea. The incubation period for giardiasis is usually two weeks.

5) Salmonella

Salmonella is a common pathogen that causes chills, fever, headache, diarrhoea, and pain. Salmonella contaminates water and food and symptoms occur in one to three days after consuming.

6) Legionella Pneumophila

Legionella pneumophila can cause serious bacterial infections known as Legionnaires disease. Some symptoms of legionnaires infection are fever, shortness of breath, cough, and muscle aches. Legionnaires is very serious and usually involves hospitalization or can even result in death.

7) Cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium is actually a protozoan which works similar to a parasite. It causes severe and painful diarrhoea and spreads through contaminated drinking water. Cryptosporidium can occur even in a city with clean water, and testing services are required to determine water quality and if these protozoa are thriving in your drinking water.

Many water softener systems use salt to remove hard water throughout Ireland. Increased levels of sodium are not good as many people need a low sodium diet. The exchange of hardness minerals for sodium adds 7.5 milligrams per quart for each gpg of hardness removed. In addition, beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium are eliminated from the homeowner’s diet. 

Cleaning your Water Supply

Even though cities and towns put their water through filtration, it doesn’t mean your water is safe from these harmful bacteria. According to the World Health Organization, at least 2 billion people globally drink water contaminated by faeces, and over 500,000 people a year die from related diarrhoea issues. 

Please take a look at our range of products that aim to clean the water supply throughout your home. Call our team today to learn more.

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UV Sterilizers and Their Benefits

Water treatment and the eradication of harmful organisms is important for the health and wellbeing of your family and friends. Open water sources such as streams and wells can attract bacteria not found in other public water treatment systems.

At Limescale Prevention Company we use the latest tech and methods to ensure you have a fresh and healthy water supply free from contaminants and ready to drink.

With the advancement of technology, there are always new ways to treat water fast and efficiently so you can use it right away. One of the most successful and widely used methods in numerous industries is ultraviolet light (UV). We can now bring these methods to your home.

UV Sterilizers for Your Home

Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers are one of the most efficient methods of eradicating bacteria from your water supply. Used throughout medical and pharmaceutical industries for many years. UV sterilizers have been continually upgraded and redesigned so that they can now be used in private homes.

If your home is not connected to a treated water supply system, then UV sterilizers are your best option. Home water solutions are proud to provide UV water sterilizers to homes throughout Ireland.

The Benefits of UV sterilization

UV radiation attacks microscopic bacteria. This is without the need for chemicals or other substances that could potentially damage your water supply or lead to other adverse effects, such as over-chlorination or chemical mix-ups.

UV sterilizers rid you water of bacteria that can make you and your family sick.
It is highly effective and kills 99.9% of living bacteria in your water
Safe for your family. The UV light only affects organisms within the water supply and has no aftereffects
There is no need for additional chemical or equipment once the UV sterilize is installed
It is economical and only exerts minimal power to work effectively on your water supply
Water is drinkable and ready to use as it leaves the tap

Some of the common viruses and organism target by germicidal UV light include

  • Giardia
  • Dysentery bacilli
  • Salmonella
  • Streptococcus
  • E. coli
  • Hepatitis B
  • Cholera
  • Fungi

For those with a treated water supply, UV sterilizers are still an ideal option for many homes. Water supplies can become damaged and worn over time and having a UV sterilizer in place will help in such an event.

How UV Sterilizers Work

Limescale Prevention Company UV sterilizer works by targeting water passing through your mains system. Organisms are prevented from reproducing by targeting them at a cellular level. For the UV light to work fully it must not be obstructed. This is managed by passing water directly through the UV sterilizer on a joint within your water supply system.

The UV sterilizer must be continually powered to work, but the cost of operating such a device is minimal. The Home water solutions UV sterilizer operates at a flow rate of 22lpm which is more than enough for the average Irish household. This ensures that the UV light penetrates and targets all the water which flows through the system.

All our equipment is WRAS (Water regulatory advisory scheme) approved. This is a scheme designed to ensure water treatment devices and services meet the regulatory standards within the water treatment industry.

Why Choose Limescale Prevention Company

At Limescale Prevention Company we provide expertly engineered solutions to your home water problems. We are a small and dedicated team who have tried and tested the products that we provide to our customers.

Safe water is not only a want but a need and we are happy to help.

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7 Reasons Why Water Purification is Important

Although we are an island surrounded by water, Ireland has many issues with dirty water and old water systems.
Contaminated and dirty water can lead to health problems, damaged appliances, and can be a huge drain on your finances.
Having proper water purification with the right equipment can save you a lot of hassle and money.

Limescale Prevention Company provide numerous expertly crafted devices to clean and maintain your water supply.
We’re going to have a look at just some of the reasons why water purification is important and how it can help you stay fit and healthy.

7 reasons why water purification is important

Healthier than bottled water

Purified water is much healthier than bottled water. Polyethene terephthalate (PET), which is the type of plastic most water bottles are produced with can leak hazardous chemicals into your drinking water. Also, the bottling and purification processes of many bottled water producers leave much to be desired.

Safer for the environment

Buying bottled water creates a tremendous amount of waste. Having a safe alternative with Limescale Prevention Company not only helps you but the environment. Only around a quarter of plastic bottles get recycled each year. This can create a huge eyesore in local areas and cause untold damage to our oceans and forests.

If your home uses bottled water, then contact us today and we can discuss your options.

Purified water eliminates cancerous organisms

Filtering your water is a great way to decrease the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer. Unfiltered water may contain chemicals and metals that can lead to cancer or other serious medical conditions.

Purified water is budget-friendly

Not only is bottled water hazardous for the environment, buying bottled water can cost quite a lot over time. Not only that, but Limescale Prevention Company appliances are also guaranteed and are tried and tested to last years. Once installed you will not have to worry about your home water needs anymore.

7 Reasons Why Water Purification is Important 1

Extend the life of your appliances

Once you invest in water filters for your home, you’ll find that your appliances have a longer lifespan. This is because water filters also help prevent limescale buildup. Limescale can cause serious damage to your dishwasher and laundry machine. Get a water filter and rest assured that any appliances that use water, as well as pipes, will have a much longer life span than if you did otherwise. Our Dropson Limescale preventer is one of the best on the market for preventing Limescale buildup.

A Better Kitchen Experience

Fresh and clean water tastes much better and you will find a noticeable difference in how your water and food tastes when cooked. Dirty water can lead to bad odours and stains on glass and kitchen wear.

By installing a water purifier, you can improve your dining experience.

Cleaning with dirty and contaminated water and constantly buying new dishes and utensils can be frustrating and costly. Making a one-time payment for a system that will get rid of all these problems is the best solution for any household.

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Better gut health

Maintaining your gut health is vital to maintaining a functioning and healthy body. Protect yourself from gastrointestinal problems by investing in a water purifier. It will eliminate dangerous viruses and bacteria from your drinking water and help you combat diarrhoea, bloating, cramping, and other digestive issues. Our digestive tracts need regular, large amounts of safe drinking water to maintain our health and flush toxins out of our bodies. Investing in a good water purifier is the right way to prolong your longevity and protect your gastric tract.

Get in touch with Limescale Prevention Company today and we can get your systems fixed up in no time.

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Why Choose Dropson

It can be hard to know which water system is best for your home. Protection against limescale, extending the life of taps and appliances, saving money and time, and environmental friendliness are all factors you may consider when choosing a water system.
Dropson descaling technology delivers optimal performance and its advantages over traditional water softeners make it an innovative and extraordinarily effective system.
1. Avoid water waste
One of the biggest drawbacks of water softener salt is the large volume of water that is discarded with each resin regeneration. Dropson eliminates the need for salt in your water.
Traditional water softeners use up to 200 liters of water per regeneration, and the process happens between 4 and 7 times a month. Higher water consumption results in higher costs for your household.
Dropson, on the contrary, is a physical system that prevents overconsumption of water without regeneration of the resins, resulting in no water waste.
Why Choose Dropson 4
2. Protect your installation against corrosion
The classic water softener discards water with high levels of sodium, an element that is very corrosive. The effects are not immediate; however, medium and long-term corrosion can damage your boiler, Combi boiler, your appliances, and your pipes.
The Dropson system protects mechanical services, hot water circuits, appliances, and pipelines against corrosion and does not change the chemical composition of water.
The sodium level remains unchanged which prevents accelerated corrosion and thus promotes optimal system operation.
3. Forget maintenance
A traditional domestic water softener needs continuous maintenance checks to be performed frequently. The Dropson Limescale Preventer is a maintenance-free water softener. It does not use any type of consumable which limits breakdowns and unforeseen repairs.
4. Track your expenses

Water softening salt is popular across the market, but the system involves high costs.  You need to purchase sacks of salt each month and more water is wasted.

Dropson saves the overheads generated by chemical systems.
5. Save energy
Lime is deposited between the heat exchange system and water network which significantly increases energy consumption, breakdowns, and production stoppages.
Dropson is a more economic system because:
  •  Its power consumption is very low, like a low-energy bulb.
  •  Ensures optimum conditions of heat exchange between the primary and secondary circuits.
  •  Improves the performance of facilities.
  •  Reduce the energy bill.
6. Expand the lifespan of the mechanisms
Thanks to its operating principle, the Dropson Limescale Preventer creates microcrystals with a non – fouling structure. This prevents lime from adhering to the piping and heat exchangers to appliances and fittings. Lime is discharged by faucets, taps, and drains.
  • Avoid fouling and flow losses in nozzles and diffusers.
  • It increases the life of sprinkler systems and valves.
  • The mechanisms are not blocked and will work properly: faucets, showers, atomizers, etc.
  • Protects the heating elements of household appliances.
7. Easy installation
The Dropson Limescale Preventer is very convenient and easy to install:
  • It takes up very little space.
  • No need to connect to the drain.
  • Only needs an electrical connection.
  • It installs quickly and easily into the general entry of cold water or just after the lobbyist.
  • Accompanied by a sediment filter it prevents clogging or damage certain substances installation.
8. Minimize the health risks
Bacteria such as Legionella proliferate in certain circumstances:
  • Limescale.
  • Stagnant hot water.
  • Sediment accumulation.
  • Water temperature between 20 and 45 ° C.
Dropson is a secure system because it reduces health risks such as the spread of bacteria.
  • Reduces the biotope of legionella, gradually eliminating limescale.
  • Avoids future occurrences
  • Installing a sediment filter prior to the softener removes impurities present in the water.
Why Choose Dropson 6
9. Respect the environment
The Dropson system is environmentally friendly: does not generate any rejection of chemicals or salts into the water systems. This advantage, linked to energy saving, makes Dropson an “eco-friendly solution “: Dropson is the best ecological alternative to traditional water softeners.
10. It retains the original properties of water
While chemical systems alter water composition, the physical treatment developed by Dropson does not change its original properties:
  • Respects the potability of water. Sodium levels comply with – European and Spanish legislation.
  • Its treatment cell is made of stainless steel 316L food grade.


Contact our team here at Limescale Prevention Company to learn more.

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Top Tips for Preventing Limescale

Hardness is a typical property of water, with benefits for your body. It will increase your intake of calcium and magnesium which in turn may help protect against high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.
However, when heated, the calcium component of hard water can result in limescale. This can be detrimental to household appliances such as kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, and some heating systems.
Depending on the interaction of other factors, such as pH and alkalinity, water with hardness above approximately 200 mg/l CaCO3 may cause scale deposition.

So what can you do?


Try to boil only what you need and don’t leave the surplus boiled water lying in the kettle. Kettles can be descaled by half-filling with half water/half vinegar, leaving overnight, rinsing, refill and boil water, then discard water and the kettle is ready for use. Descaling kits are widely available in supermarkets.

Washing Machines

A wide range of products are commercially available (e.g. Calgon) to prevent the deposition of limescale during the heating of water in washing machines. Varying the dosage of washing powder may also work.

Heating Systems

Indirect heating systems where water is re-circulated are generally not affected by limescale. Direct heating systems, where freshwater replaces heated boiler water, may experience some blockage of pipes and reduced boiler efficiency. Symptoms of this would be rattling in the pipes when the water is heated, and gradually longer heating times. Consult a plumber if such problems are suspected.


Dishwashers generally have built-in water softeners. Householders should ensure these are set according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Shower Head

If limescale has built up – soak the showerhead in half vinegar/half water solution for three hours or overnight to remove the limescale. Descaling kits are widely available in supermarkets.

Soften the entire Water Supply?

Chemically softened water is not suitable for everyone to drink – particularly for infants and other risk categories.
Hard water can be “softened” by chemically removing calcium (by ion exchange) from the water and replacing it with sodium chloride or potassium chloride.
With Dropson, you can eliminate the use of salt altogether.
The Dropson Limescale Preventer prevents limescale buildup throughout your plumbing system and so will preserve plumbing appliances.
It will save you money on water heating bills, and reduce energy use in your home as it uses the same amount of energy as a 40 W energy saving light bulb.

The Dropson Limescale Preventer requires no maintenance and comes with a 5-year warranty on all parts.

Top Tips for Preventing Limescale 8

Contact us for more advice on how to treat your water system.