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Limescale Prevention Company Limescale Limescale prevention and remedies for your home and business

Limescale Prevention Company Limescale Limescale prevention and remedies for your home and business 1

The build-up of limescale across your bathroom surfaces and hot water appliances not only looks bad but can cost you money in terms of maintenance, cleaning and repairs of your appliances and water networks. Something neither a business nor homeowner wants to deal with.

Thankfully surface limescale can be removed with some home remedies and quite a bit of elbow grease. We believe here at Home Water Solution it is better to remove the trouble of limescale before it starts. 

For those who are already faced with the problem, we have put together this quick guide on how to remove limescale. We will also show you a fantastic piece of equipment that ensures this is not a recurring problem.

Home-Based Limescale Cleaning:

Limescale is not adversely negative to your health, but it looks unsightly for guests to your business and those visiting your home. Thankfully, a lot of home remedies can be used to clean and remove limescale from the surface of your sinks and other areas within your home.

Some easy-to-use natural acids include:

  • Lemon- Which contains citric acid.
  • Vinegar- Diluted acetic acid.
  • Bicarbonate Soda- Perfect for mixing with vinegar for tougher stains.
  • Coke- Yes that drink we know, and love is great for removing many stains across your home including limescale.

What appliances can you clean?

Toilets: For your toilet, use vinegar or coke. Pour whichever solution you use into the stained toilet and leave for a few hours. Use a non-abrasive brush to firmly wipe down the toilet afterwards for a new shine.

Showerheads: Lemon and vinegar are perfect for cleaning your showerheads. This is a common area with lots of limescale build-up due to the heat and constant use in homes and accommodation. 

Use the fleshy side of lime to whip the showerhead, or place a bag containing vinegar over the showerhead to aid in the cleaning. Leave for a few hours and wipe down with a small brush later.

Sinks: Like your showerheads, sinks can be a primary source for the build-up of limescale. Just like your showerheads, both vinegar and lemons can work wonders. Apply the fleshy part of a lemon or use vinegar on the affected areas. Leave for a couple of hours and you can wipe away the limescale for a cleaner looking showerhead.

Prevention is better than reaction:

Though these home solutions can help to get rid of limescale if you do not have something in place that can remove limescale at the source you are going to have to continually clean your appliances. 

This might be ok for some, but we know most would rather enjoy their clean, warm water without the worry of damage or the replacing of items.

So, what can you do?

You can install the Dropson limescale preventer to remove limescale from your water before it does any damage.

An affordable and long-lasting device, the Dropson limescale preventer does not even use salt to help purify your water.

The Dropson limescale preventer has a 5-year warranty and no backwash system for up to 90L.

At a low initial cost, the saving that the Dropson preventer will provide to any home and business cannot be overstated.

Sure, cleaning can assist, but so many appliances and hard to reach areas go untreated. The limescale preventer removes harmful limescale at the source before it has a chance to damage any of your property.

Get in touch with Limescale Prevention Company today for more information.