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How Limescale is costing your business money:

How Limescale is costing your business money: 1

As a business owner, of all the expenses that you have for your business, we are quite sure that Limescale does not make your list.

This chalky white substance may not seem like a big deal, however, with a large build-up over many years there are quite a few ways that Limescale can be affecting your business. We are going to have a look at how Limescale may be hurting your business, both in terms of cost and reputation and what solutions you can make.

4 ways Limescale is affecting your business:

Each one of these effects on your business can lead to the other and it is hard to tackle each issue. We recommend prevention rather than reaction, but how does limescale affect your business?


Customers who use your facilities want clean and fresh look appliances and utilities. Having limescale on hotel showers, restaurants bathrooms and bar sinks can leave customers feeling a little icky.

Heavy mineral deposits in water stain appliances throughout the year. Irish Water has a heavy mineral content meaning it is a constant battle to clean.

Having a reputation as a business that doesn’t look after their basic facilities may result in customers not visiting your establishment.


To offset having a bad reputation, businesses then must fork out extra money on cleaning services to make their facilities pristine. 

As limescale cleaning can take quite a while this will eat into your finances. Though not a major issue at first, over months and years, labour and cleaning product costs add up. 


Most likely the biggest expense you will have with major limescale build-up is the cost of repairing and replacing appliances and associated plumbing costs.

Large limescale build-up can adversely affect dishwashers, washing machines, kettles and any other appliance that uses hot water regularly.

Constant use will likely lead to damage. These machines will need to be repaired or replaced.

Limescale build-up in pipes leads to lower pressure and worse functionality. To help with this you may need to hire a plumber, not a cheap expense especially for something preventable.

Energy costs:

The best-case scenario for your appliance that does not break with limescale build-up is a reduction in its use and power output. 

Washing machines and dishwasher will have to use more electricity and ultimately increase your energy costs over time with limescale build-up.

If you are a large restaurant or hotel using machines constantly this will greatly exacerbate your energy bills over the years.

Reducing overheads should be a top priority and with increasing fuel bills, energy costs will continue to rise unless you do something about it.

How to prevent Limescale build-up

Now that we have seen just a few ways that limescale can affect your Irish business, what can you do to prevent it?

Thankfully, there is a device that can remove limescale from your water system. This device reduces your costs and does not require much maintenance or energy to run.

The Dropson Limescale preventer is a device specifically designed to remove limescale in a safe, clean and energy-efficient manner.

This device is not needed in most European countries but due to Irelands large water mineral content, it is the ideal device to combat limescale in your home and business.

Limescale Prevention Company have been providing this easy to install and maintenance-free device to homes and businesses in Ireland for years, saving them money and giving them peace of mind that they will not have to worry about limescale again.

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