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How to check the safety of your Home Drinking Water

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Have you ever taken the time to consider how safe your water is to drink? Sure, it may look clear enough and taste fine, but this does not necessarily mean that it is pure. Hundreds of chemicals and bacteria can dissolve in water and can be naked to the eye. 

On the other hand, some contaminants are noticeable since they affect watercolour, quality, and taste. You can employ plenty of methods to detect if your water is safe to drink, ranging from colour, taste, and water tests. Below is a brief outline of some of the methods you can use to detect contaminated water. If you do notice any problems or suspect your water may be contaminated it’s important to contact Irish Water immediately. 

  1. Check for Cloudiness– This is one of the easiest tests for water purity. Pure water should be clear and odourless. If you notice cloudiness even after settling, then your water is most likely contaminated. Cloudy water isn’t necessarily harmful to your health. Nevertheless, it still downgrades its quality.
  2. Pure Water should be colourless– This is another straightforward water purity test. Once you pour water into a glass and notice anything other than colourless, refrain from drinking it. It is likely contaminated with chemicals. For instance, yellow water is a sign of contamination by chromium 6, a carcinogenic substance. When you notice such problems, contact Irish water immediately. This will go a long way in saving other people from these contaminants. 
  3. Excess Chlorine– Most water agencies add chlorine to their water supply as a protective measure from pathogens. However, we all know that man is prone to error, and in some instances, the chlorine added may be in excess. In such scenarios, the chemical may be dangerous, especially when it mixes with other substances. A bleach-like odour can detect it. 
  4. A metallic taste may indicate rusting or corroded pipes– The pipes used to transport your water may rust or corrode over time, which introduces dangerous metals to the water your drink at home. Luckily, it is relatively easy to detect such substances through an unusual taste. 
  5. Water Tests– Finally, you may fail to notice any of the substances above in your water. This does not mean that it is safe to drink. Numerous chemicals dissolve in water without a trace. The water may be clear and tasteless but harbours hundreds of fatal substances. It is advisable to get a water testing kit for your home. The process is relatively easy to master and gets results in an instant. One of the most effective methods is the TDS test. In full, TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. 

Prevention or reaction?

Constantly testing or worrying about your drinking water is time-consuming and stressful, the best solution is prevention rather than reaction. With the products supplied by Limescale Prevention Company, you can eradicate most major water contaminants from your water supply before they reach your home. Expertly craft UV sterilizers and limescale eradication devices save you money and health difficulties in the future.

Thankfully, Ireland’s water supplies whether private or public are some of the safest in Europe, however, there is always the possibility of contamination and harmful bacteria gaining access to our water.

Home water solutions provide filtration systems that can be installed in pre-existing water systems. They require no heavy building or construction work and can operate almost immediately upon installation.

Providing your home with a constant, safe, and freshwater supply.

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