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Limescale: What is it and how to prevent its build-up:

What is limescale and hqw tq wrevent its build up

Limescale build-up throughout your home and water networks can be a headache for many homeowners. Limescale can break utilities, damage cutlery and clothing and lead to further damage to pipes and faucets.

But how can you notice limescale build-up, where should you most commonly check and what can you do about it? That is something we are going to address here. 

What causes Limescale:

Limescale is the deposits left behind by water with a high mineral count. Most common is calcium carbonate which leaves appliances with a hard caulk like substance in, on and around most appliances that use hot water.

Limescale is found throughout Ireland as our water has high mineral content. This means most homes and businesses will at some stage face some issues with limescale.

Where will you find limescale:

As we have stated already limescale is found in many appliances, taps and faucets that use hot water. The most common areas that you will find unsightly limescale include kitchen sinks and taps, dishwashers and washing machines and bathroom showers and sinks.

When left untreated limescale build-up will affect bathtubs, shower curtains etc leaving a distinctive whitish chalk-like substance.

What problems does limescale cause:

Limescale should not affect the health of your family or visitors, however, it is damaging in other ways.

Limescale reduces water flow to your appliances meaning they will not function properly. In other instances, larger build-ups will damage your washing machines and dishwashers. 

Adding additional cost to repairs and replacements.

How to remove Limescale:

Limescale build-up should best be prevented than cleaned, but if it is too late, that there are a few steps that you can follow to remove limescale.

There are a wide variety of chemical and natural solutions to help remove limescale including vinegar and lemon juice. It’s always a good idea to check your local supermarket for quality cleaning products.

  • Always ensure they are out of the reach of children.
  • Follow instructions on shop-bought products or follow the instructions of friends who have had similar issues. 
  • Another great option is to simply look online for both natural and readymade limescale removal solutions.
  • Often you will need a few hours or an overnight wait to completely remove limescale from your taps and faucets.

Preventing limescale:

As already stated, limescale prevention is far better than cleaning. You will save on repair and replacement cost for much of your appliances and you will save time regarding cleaning if limescale never builds up.

But how should you do this?

For new homes, it is far easier to prevent limescale build-up as you can install numerous devices and preventive measures before use. 

Thankfully for older homes, many of these devices can be easily installed in existing mains and pipes.

Limescale Prevention Company have the ideal product to prevent limescale in your water supply.

This is the Dropson limescale preventer. These filtration systems do not require salt and only use the same power as a 40w bulb. With a 5-year warranty and easy installation, it is one of the best choices for limescale prevention.

If you are having Limescale issues or want a remedy before you move into your new home, get in touch with Limescale Prevention Company today.

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