Limescale Prevention Company

We provide a friendly and professional service to our clients. We supply and install (if required) a range of products that will give you and your family full confidence in your home water supply going forward.

All of our products are Eco Friendly, zero or low maintenance and we do not use any chemicals. 


Chemical Free

All our products are Eco friendly as they do not use any chemicals


Low Maintenance

Filters / bulbs need to be changed yearly

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Quick & Easy Installation

The carbon & sediment filter will need to be replaced on a yearly basis.  This is a quick and easy installation process.

The bulbs on the UV Sterilser unit will need to be replaced on a yearly  basis making the units virtually maintenance free.


Bacteria Free

UV Sterilisers kill 99.9% of all bacteria


Limescale Protection

Our Dropson unit prevents the build up of limescale reducing your heating costs.  This unit also helps in removing existing limescale.