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Get to know the Dropson EMI 2500 Electric decal device

EMI is a patented technology developed by Dropson that combines an innovative concept that combines all essential parameters needed for optimal descaling performance.
Research conducted by CNRS (France’s National Center for Scientific Research) shows that the effectiveness of these technologies depends on key parameters such as magnetic pulse frequency, exposure time to these impulses, treatment cell geometry, choice of certain materials and water hardness to be treated.
Factory calibrated control cell for optimal flow performance / fluid hardness
Treatment in turbulent fluid flow generated by the vortex chamber
High quality materials that convey magnetic effects

How it works:

The laminar water flow is turbulent by the vortex chamber. The multi-zone electronic module controls the different magnetic pulse generators. Impulses are generated with a special frequency and released directly into the turbulent water flow. Magnetic impulses and kinetic energy in vortex cause crystallization between calcium and carbon ions, suspended in water. Microcrystals thus format have an undisposed structure. They are unable to catch themselves on any surface because they have already crystallized. They flow through armatures without being deposited and emptied through taps and gutters.
The EMI treatment breaks the balance of calcium carbonate in water, as follows:
Ca (HCO3) 2 > CaCO3 + H2CO3
Translating this into the daily vocabulary: Every crystallization of calcium carbonate produces a molecule of carbonic acid. This poor acid gradually dissolves limestone on the armatures.

Time to be:

Calcium carbonate imbalance due to exposure to the magnetic field of water lasts a limited time.
Studies have shown that under certain laboratory conditions, the effects of water exposed to magnetic fields cease after 12 days.
Practically, the anti-calcification effect disappears after 100 hours or 4 days. Dropson suggests that the installation should be sized to discharge at least 60 % of the treated water in a 24-48-hour period. Otherwise, a recirculation circuit must be built to return it to the Dropson system.
Dropson EMI 2500 Electrical hippo anti-stone equipment
EMI is a patented technology developed by Dropson, united in an innovative concept, combining all the essential parameters needed for optimal hometowns.
Research by CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center) shows that the effectiveness of these technologies depends on key parameters such as the frequency of magnetic impulses, exposure time for these impulses, geometry of the treatment cell, selection of certain materials and the hardness of water to be treated.
Factory calibrated treatment cell for optimal liquid/hardness performance
Treatment in the turbulent liquid stream created by the vortex chamber
Top quality materials that allow magnetic effects

Function of:

Turns laminar water flow into turbulent to the vortex chamber. The multi-zone electronic module controls various magnetic impulse generators. Impulses are generated at a special frequency and are released directly to the turbulent water flow. Magnetic impulses and kinetic energy from the vortex causes crystalization between calcium and carbon ions suspended in water. Microcrystals form this way have a non-deposited structure. They can’t capture it on any surface as they’ve already cried. They cross the fittings without loading and emptying through faucets and channels.
EMI treatment breaks the balance of water calcium carbonate as follows:
Ca (HCO3) 2 > CaCO3 + H2CO3
Translated this into daily use: Everything is created when it is crystallized by calcium carbonate, a carbon acid molecule. This weak acid gradually dissolves the waterstone on the fittings.

The sixth time:

The lack of calcium carbonate balance due to exposure to the water magnetic field lasts for a limited time.
According to studies, under certain laboratory conditions, the effects of water exposed to magnetic fields will be eliminated after 12 days.
From a practical point of view, the anti-stone effect will be eliminated after 100 hours or 4 days. According to Dropson’s suggestion, the facility should be measured in such a way as to release at least $ 60 of the treated water during a 24-48-hour period. By the way, building a circulating circle is necessary to get back into the Dropson system.
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Know where your water comes from

Water tops everything else in terms of basic needs. Why so? Apart from the most apparent reason, which is drinking, we depend on it for cooking and cleaning, among other purposes. Luckily, thanks to several governmental institutions that work to ensure that we get a stable water supply to our homes, water supply is not a problem in Ireland. Have you ever taken your time to think about these bodies and the work they do behind the scenes? 

In this post, I will give you a brief outline of some of these institutions and the processes involved in ensuring you get the much-needed water. 

Irish Water

Irish Water is at the center of ensuring stable water connection and supply to houses in Ireland. The governmental institution works in tandem with other departments to ensure that you drink safe and quality water. How do they do it? First, we must keep in mind that water is a natural resource tapped from lakes and rivers. However, this water is not necessarily safe to drink. Otherwise, we would all get it ourselves, right?

Irish Water ensures that it is purified and contains all the necessary minerals for your health, boosting its quality. Usually, this is done in offsite water treatment plants. Once the water is safe enough to drink comes the other tricky part, supplying it to remote homes and businesses. Remember, this job is done round the clock since water is an essential requirement. So, yeah, these guys don’t get any holiday. 

Irish Water is also responsible for water supply infrastructure, including the underground pipes that carry water to our homes. If you do a little digging, you will be surprised to know that your city has a system of underground water pipes, some even going back to the 19th century. 

Installing water pipes is no mean feat. It requires an extensive workforce with a wide array of tools to get the job done in time. Remember that such pipes are installed underground and may interfere with traffic and businesses. Irish water gets its funding from the Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government. The critical funds are utilized in maintaining and constructing water infrastructure. 

Other Water Institutions

The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for publishing water quality information for consumers. This way, you get verified and credible data regarding the water constituents that you use every day. Kudos to these guys!

The Health Service Executive publishes regular information regarding health issues and drinking water. Also, the Food Safety Authority deals with bottled water instead. There you have it, all the information you need regarding your water handed to you. 

Private Supplies

If you are here at Limescale Prevention Company, there is a good chance that you have your own water supply. Many rural homes have private water supplies which have benefits and pitfalls. 

By sourcing your water, you have a fresh and constant supply to your home, however, private supplies do miss out on the treatment and maintenance provided by Irish Water. That is why it’s always important to have safeguards put in place to maintain your health and the quality of your water supply. Check out Limescale Prevention Company product page to discover essential tools to help maintain your fresh and healthy water supply.

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5 reasons to consider a new home water system in 2021

If you’re wondering how to ensure a better, healthier year in 2021, perhaps you should consider a new water system for your home. Contaminated water can lead to a plethora of complications, adversely affecting your health and any appliances that rely on water in your home.

It is vital to improve our water systems, to better conditions for ourselves, as well as our family members. After all, we do use water for everything from cooking and cleaning to washing ourselves. How useful is it to clean with water that is already contaminated?

Here we dive into the benefits of a new home water system and how it can improve your quality of life.

  • A filtration system is budget-friendly

For those that have been aware of just how harmful untreated tap water can be, bottled water has become a serious expense, even though it was proven times and times again that it’s hardly any better than what comes out of our faucets. To buy just one single 1.5 l bottle of water a day, would cost you a considerable amount within a year.

On the other hand, a water filtration system offers a healthy source of water, not just for drinking, but for preparing food and maintaining our hygiene.

  • Filtration systems are the most eco-friendly way to access clean water

Over 60 million plastic bottles end up in the landfills each day, adding up to a whopping number of 22 billion bottles discarded on a yearly level. Unfortunately, in the quest for a better quality of water, we’ve only added up to the problem since there are now over 8 million tons of plastic filling up the oceans. Filtration systems are truly the only completely eco-friendly way to provide healthy water for our families, without it further causing pollution.

  • Enjoy cleaner clothes

Unlike bottled water, filtration systems greatly contribute to our overall quality of life, ensuring we can access premium quality water for uses that aren’t limited to drinking.

Water that has a high concentration of minerals can reduce the effectiveness of soap, as well as cause issues with our clothes and dishwashers. Filtered water can help you increase the longevity and functionality of your appliances by decreasing mineral buildup, helping you have cleaner clothes that last longer.

Home water solutions provide several great tools to rid your water of limescale.

  • Reduce eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions

If you’ve ever suffered from eczema and psoriasis you know how daunting these conditions can be. Doctors telling you there is no surefire way to ever get rid of them fully, expensive miracle creams that simply don’t work, endless itching, and low-self-esteem caused by visible irritation are just some of the issues those suffering from these dermatological problems face.

But did you know that one of the few ways to reduce irritation in the long term is by investing in a good filtration system for your home? Exposure to chemicals in water such as chlorine causes and exacerbates skin conditions, and a good water filtration system can help you have glowing, healthy skin.

  • Avoid plumbing issues

All appliances that use water, as well as pipes, can suffer damage caused by minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals that are commonly found in tap water. Investing in a good filtration system can help you avoid repair costs, as well as prolong the longevity of all water-appliances in your home.

Limescale buildup caused by bad tap water can end up costing you an arm and a leg, while a filtration system nips all those issues in the bud, providing you with safe water to boost not only your health but also increase the productivity and shelf lives of expensive appliances and plumbing.

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How to check the safety of your Home Drinking Water

Have you ever taken the time to consider how safe your water is to drink? Sure, it may look clear enough and taste fine, but this does not necessarily mean that it is pure. Hundreds of chemicals and bacteria can dissolve in water and can be naked to the eye. 

On the other hand, some contaminants are noticeable since they affect watercolour, quality, and taste. You can employ plenty of methods to detect if your water is safe to drink, ranging from colour, taste, and water tests. Below is a brief outline of some of the methods you can use to detect contaminated water. If you do notice any problems or suspect your water may be contaminated it’s important to contact Irish Water immediately. 

  1. Check for Cloudiness– This is one of the easiest tests for water purity. Pure water should be clear and odourless. If you notice cloudiness even after settling, then your water is most likely contaminated. Cloudy water isn’t necessarily harmful to your health. Nevertheless, it still downgrades its quality.
  2. Pure Water should be colourless– This is another straightforward water purity test. Once you pour water into a glass and notice anything other than colourless, refrain from drinking it. It is likely contaminated with chemicals. For instance, yellow water is a sign of contamination by chromium 6, a carcinogenic substance. When you notice such problems, contact Irish water immediately. This will go a long way in saving other people from these contaminants. 
  3. Excess Chlorine– Most water agencies add chlorine to their water supply as a protective measure from pathogens. However, we all know that man is prone to error, and in some instances, the chlorine added may be in excess. In such scenarios, the chemical may be dangerous, especially when it mixes with other substances. A bleach-like odour can detect it. 
  4. A metallic taste may indicate rusting or corroded pipes– The pipes used to transport your water may rust or corrode over time, which introduces dangerous metals to the water your drink at home. Luckily, it is relatively easy to detect such substances through an unusual taste. 
  5. Water Tests– Finally, you may fail to notice any of the substances above in your water. This does not mean that it is safe to drink. Numerous chemicals dissolve in water without a trace. The water may be clear and tasteless but harbours hundreds of fatal substances. It is advisable to get a water testing kit for your home. The process is relatively easy to master and gets results in an instant. One of the most effective methods is the TDS test. In full, TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. 

Prevention or reaction?

Constantly testing or worrying about your drinking water is time-consuming and stressful, the best solution is prevention rather than reaction. With the products supplied by Limescale Prevention Company, you can eradicate most major water contaminants from your water supply before they reach your home. Expertly craft UV sterilizers and limescale eradication devices save you money and health difficulties in the future.

Thankfully, Ireland’s water supplies whether private or public are some of the safest in Europe, however, there is always the possibility of contamination and harmful bacteria gaining access to our water.

Home water solutions provide filtration systems that can be installed in pre-existing water systems. They require no heavy building or construction work and can operate almost immediately upon installation.

Providing your home with a constant, safe, and freshwater supply.